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Are you a Leader of Volunteers? We include in this description anyone who recruits, manages, co-ordinates, or otherwise leads volunteers. If you are a Nottingham City-based not-for-profit or statutory organisation then we can help you to find and recruit volunteers. You can advertise your volunteer roles free of charge through our Volunteer Centre. We also advertise through community events, local businesses, local media and social media.

If NCVS hasn't worked with your organisation previously, we will meet with you to find out more about your organisation and whether you have other development needs which could influence your capacity to recruit and support volunteers.

If you require a more bespoke, more guaranteed recruitment of volunteers for an event or service, email us to discuss our paid for services.

Add your organisation's volunteer opportunities

We offer a self-service facility. If you regularly recruit volunteers and haven't already signed up, request a login to this website so that you can manage your volunteer opportunities on our online database. This gives you great flexibility to manage your organisation's volunteer needs from anywhere at any time. Potential volunteers can search our database and send an email directly to you through the site to register their interest in a role.

It's not necessary to have a Leader of Volunteers account for your organisation's volunteer opportunities to appear on our website. We do a best practice check with everyone who requests a Leader of Volunteers login, or asks for support to develop their organisation's volunteer opportunities, so we will discuss the best approach with you.

Login now if you already have a Leader of Volunteers account.

Request login if you don't yet have an account.

Once we have approved your application, you will be able to log in to add, update and manage promotion of your organisation’s volunteering opportunities through this website.

Best Practice Resources and Training

We've listed some initial guidance and links for Volunteer Leaders on our Best Practice Resources page.

We offer training on a range of volunteer management issues and volunteers and the law. Find out when the next sessions are running on our Training Courses page.

You may also wish to join the Leaders of Volunteers Network mailing list.