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A Good Volunteering Standard for Nottingham

During 2019, NCVS and partner organisations across the city met to create A Good Volunteering Standard for Nottingham, to form the basis of a Volunteer Strategy for the city. Feedback and ideas were invited from Leaders of Volunteers and volunteers themselves. This resulted in 10 key principles to promote and encourage volunteering best practice in Nottingham. A cross-sector partnership continues to review and develop these principles. The latest version was updated in April 2021.

Read the latest version

We value your ongoing comments. Please email with your thoughts on these three questions:

  1. Do you think by implementing our standard that it will help your organisation to recruit and retain volunteers more effectively?
  2. How will the standard support you in your role as a leader of volunteers?
  3. What comments have you had from your volunteers about the standard?

Brief articles to stimulate ideas and discussion

Our Volunteering Development Officer, Dave Thomas, writes regular articles and updates to assist Leaders of Volunteers in your work. Here are some recent examples: