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This is a free service and we cannot guarantee to include every vacancy submitted through this form. The primary purpose of this form is to support recruitment by voluntary and community organisations based within Nottingham City, especially those who have limited resources to advertise elsewhere.

There may be exceptions, e.g. if a local public sector organisation is promoting a vacancy that will have a key impact on the VCSE sector and partnership working. We may also consider vacancies from VCSE organisations outside of Nottingham if the job specifically involves support for the people of Nottingham, but please don't assume we can support all requests. Please read the Data Privacy and Conditions of Use notice at the bottom of the form.

If you have any questions, or if this is the first time you are making contact with NCVS regarding recruitment, please email


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Information entered here doesn't form part of the published advert, but can help us assess if the job is appropriate to be advertised through the NCVS website. E.g. we prioritise jobs for the VCSE sector within the Nottingham City boundary. If your organisation is based outside of Nottingham but the role involves working with and supporting people in Nottingham/shire, we may look favourably on your request if you provide clear details here.

Data Privacy and Conditions of Use:

NCVS uses the information you provide on this form to produce job listings on our website. Your details will be stored on the NCVS database so that we can communicate with you about this job submission and to check the information, if necessary. We may also contact you to suggest other ways you can promote your vacancies. Your contact details are not made public and will not be published to the site unless you include these details in the 'Further Information (how to apply)' section.

We do not use the information on this form for any other purpose and your private data will not be shared outside of NCVS. You have the right to ask for access to any of the personal information that NCVS holds about you.

By submitting this form you are confirming that the employer organisation has authorised you to share information in this way, and that the details submitted are factually correct. NCVS will read and review all submissions before publication. However, it is your responsibility to keep us informed should details change.

NCVS does not guarantee to publish all jobs submitted through this form. Jobs will be approved for publication on the NCVS website at our discretion, taking into account our aims and mission. NCVS will remove information where we consider the job details to be inappropriate for our key audiences, or outside of our remit. Should this be the case, we will do our best to inform you.

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