Children and Young People's Providers Network (CYPPN)

The Children and Young People's Providers Network (CYPPN) began as a city-based forum for community and voluntary organisations that provide services or support to children and young people in Nottingham - from 0 to 24 years of age.

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The network has now joined with the former Vulnerable Adults' Providers Network (VAPN), and the combined network was given a new name in September 2023: Nottingham Voluntary Sector Provider Network.

Meeting dates:
Meetings are held quarterly, online via Zoom.

Who can join the network?
Membership is open to any community and voluntary organisation providing services or support to children and young people from 0 - 24 years in Nottingham. You needn't be based in the City but you must be providing services to children and young people who do live within Nottingham City.

Do I have to attend all the meetings?
We know how busy organisations are so you don’t have to attend every meeting. The meetings are for information sharing, and we make sure that all members receive key information and action notes from the meetings, including any speaker presentations.

Membership benefits:
As a network member you will receive regular information on consultations, events and training. There is the opportunity to directly contribute to the Children’s Partnership Board, and we also have representatives that sit on the children and young adults Safeguarding Board who can take any safeguarding queries directly to the right people.

You will be made aware of services that are being commissioned in the local area and how you can access opportunities for your organisation. Ensure that your voice is heard not only in Nottingham, but that you are contributing to the regional and national agenda for children and young people.

How can I get on the CYPPN mailing list?

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