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Friday 14 August 2020
After the success of Nottingham Bike Aid during lockdown, Nottingham City Council has secured additional funding allowing RideWise, Sustrans and Nottingham Bike Works to continue to work together to offer personalised travel plans and bikes to low-income workers. Bike Aid 2 focusses on workers who don’t have access to a car, want to avoid using public transport for their commute and maybe finding... Read More
Thursday 13 August 2020
A short documentary has been released by Nottingham City Council which explores the question of what comes next for community spirit in Nottingham. A silver lining of the pandemic has been the community response and effort of Nottingham's neighbours, faith, community and voluntary groups in helping others through this difficult time. However, as lockdown eases and the government's shielding... Read More
Practice Development Unit Nottingham
Wednesday 12 August 2020
Our Practice Development Unit (PDU) is looking for volunteers to help test and provide feedback on its new e-learning modules. The PDU aims to promote and facilitate collaborative learning and the sharing of good practice among professionals in Nottingham and neighbouring areas, who work with people experiencing multiple disadvantages, such as mental health, substance misuse, homelessness and... Read More
Nottingham Swap Shop
Wednesday 12 August 2020
NCVS is championing a new community initiative that enables charities and small businesses to swap services and support each other during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The Notts Swap Shop is a free platform that allows organisations and individuals in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to connect with and help each other by swapping skills and services online. Now more than ever, local charities... Read More
Dave Thomas, Volunteering Development Officer at NCVS
Monday 10 August 2020
Dave Thomas, Volunteering Development Officer at NCVS, writes... A very wise Leader of Volunteers once told me that it’s hard enough to get a volunteer to turn up once, but it’s far harder to get them to turn up for a second or third time. As Leaders of Volunteers, you put a lot of energy into attracting volunteers by creating great volunteer role profiles, superb social media posts and polished... Read More
NAVCA #HeartOfOurCommunity campaign
Monday 10 August 2020
NAVCA (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action) has launched a new campaign to shine a spotlight on the vital role that local infrastructure organisations play in supporting their communities. The #HeartOfOurCommunity campaign describes local infrastructure as 'the beating heart of a community's voluntary sector', highlighting how CVS's, like NCVS, support, develop and represent... Read More
Monday 3 August 2020
Nottingham City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are working with groups and organisations to better understand how services across all sectors are involved in helping and responding to those in suicide crisis. This is so they can bring together a range of different perspectives and looking forward, share learning... Read More
Friday 31 July 2020
Sonia Tyrna, Marketing Officer at Nottingham Energy Partnership (NEP), writes... Homeowners in England could receive substantial financial support towards the cost of home energy improvements, according to new government plans. It has been indicated that the new Green Homes Grant, announced by the government at the beginning of the month, will provide low-income households with grants of up to £... Read More
Dave Thomas, Volunteering Development Officer at NCVS
Friday 31 July 2020
Dave Thomas, Volunteering Development Officer at NCVS, writes... Here at NCVS, we are passionate about volunteering and we constantly promote the benefits of volunteering. When we see that support workers are also suggesting volunteering to the people that they are supporting, we get really excited. So if you have a support worker or if you are a support worker, you may be interested to know more... Read More
Universities for Nottingham announce Civic Agreement
Thursday 30 July 2020
By signing a new civic agreement, Nottingham's universities have pledged to work with city partners to improve the lives of local people across the city and county. The Universities for Nottingham Civic Agreement has been developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and is a first of its kind in the country! It has been signed by both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University... Read More