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A weekly safe space where women can go to ask any tech question they want answering - no matter how 'small'.

Event Starts: 1:00pm Monday 10 May 2021
Event Ends: 2:00pm Monday 6 December 2021


Everything seems to be online and it's easy to feel left behind.

Do you, or someone you know, have a tech issue you’ve always wanted help with? If so, we’re here to offer online advice and support for your tech questions every Monday lunchtime (1-2pm). Please note our previously-advertised evening sessions are not currently taking place.

If you've been wondering where or how to find a podcast, want to watch something on YouTube, are concerned about your passwords and security, want to start a spreadsheet, want to try out Zoom in a supportive environment or absolutely anything else, then we're here to help with any and every problem, no matter how ‘small’!

Any Costs / Charges:

Free to attend

How to Book / Contact Information:

You can join us by contacting Reception via email (if you’re comfortable with that) on reception@nottinghamwomenscentre.com or phone 07930 825 030. They'll then give the details to join us.