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Lifesaving key workers receive support from community group

Providing food packages to frontline hospital staff is just one of the ways that the Igbo Women Association Nottingham (IWAN) has responded to the Coronavirus crisis.

As the pandemic has progressed, IWAN members wanted to show their support to the amazing frontline staff working around the clock to save lives at Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre. This is their story ...


During these challenging times, we wanted to show our appreciation for all the good work being done by frontline workers at Queen’s Medical Centre, so we decided to present food items, snacks and drinks to staff working in the COVID-19 wards and Intensive Care Unit.

Our act of giving was appreciated, and we received a thank you letter from one of the ward sisters, letting us know how our initiative had touched and motivated them. We also donated twelve pairs of shoes to new international nurses who had arrived at the hospital to support with the COVID-19 response.

It’s said that charity begins at home and seeing how the pandemic has impacted on Nottingham’s community economically, we also supported eighteen of our immediate community families with donations of rice and sunflower oil. This gesture was really appreciated by the families who received our donations.

As an association, we are continuing to keep in contact with our members through conference calls on WhatsApp and face-to-face videos, to help ease loneliness and isolation.

We will continue to work towards providing meaningful contributions to our communities, promoting health and wellbeing and aspiring to leave a legacy for the younger generation.

Lovelyn Umeloh and Onyinyechi Okenwa from IWAN
Lovelyn Umeloh and Onyinyechi Okenwa from IWAN


IWAN is a group of women from the Eastern part of Nigeria who are living in Nottingham. The community group’s main objectives are centered on promoting unity, female empowerment and progress and cultural interaction amongst its members, their families, and other cultural groups in the city.