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Defibrillator Grant from London Hearts

Defibrillator Grant from London Hearts 


£300 grants available from London Hearts the leading heart charity dealing with the funding, procurement and supply of life saving defibrillators not just in London but all over the UK.

£300 grant available towards the cost in order to assist you in acquiring a defibrillator.  With every Defibrillator they supply, they provide free online CPR/defibrillator awareness training.

The devastating effects of the Covid19 crisis along with tragic events involving professional sports persons at the peak of their physical fitness has highlighted the fact that Cardiac Arrest can happen to anyone, of any age and at any time. 

The statistics are alarming - Cardiac Arrest kills over 60,000 people, of all ages, in the UK each year.  If a heart defibrillator is used within 3-5mins of a cardiac arrest, the chances of survival increases from 6% to a huge 74%.

London Hearts have launched this initiative to assist you in obtaining a new fully operational child/adult heart defibrillator.

Equipment is available now.

If you have any queries please telephone 0207 0432 493 or by email http://tia.marshall@londonhearts.org

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Date Posted: 
Friday, 29 July, 2022

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