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A free introductory online briefing exploring the new Domestic Abuse Act


Join us for a free introductory online briefing exploring the new Domestic Abuse Act.

Signed into law on 29 April, the Domestic Abuse Act will provide protections to survivors of domestic abuse and strengthen measures to tackle perpetrators. The Act ensures for the first time there is a legal definition of domestic abuse which incorporates a range of abuses beyond physical violence, including coercive or controlling behaviour, and economic abuse.

Delivered by Equation, this briefing will give an overview of some of the key components of the Act and provide an opportunity to start thinking about how it might impact on work, practice and survivors.

Please bear in mind that this training does include reference to types of domestic abuse. If you are joining the session in a shared building, if possible, please do so in a space that is not accessed by other people. It is possible that any training about domestic abuse has the potential to impact on each of us personally, please be aware that this may be the case before joining the session.


Audience: This online briefing is aimed at professionals and volunteers from all sectors who may have contact with people who are living with or have experienced domestic abuse.

Please note that it is PDU policy that people with lived experience are invited to participate in our events.

Attendance to this event is free of charge, but advance booking is essential. The session will take place over Zoom. Please make sure you can access this software before booking.


29th July, 2021 2:00 PM through  3:00 PM
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