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Join us for a free webinar exploring an example of good practice around strength- or asset-based approaches.


The Foyer Federation has developed a framework which enables services and individuals to ‘be’ Advantaged Thinkers. Advantaged Thinking sets out to challenge the deficit-based approaches that underpin so many services for young people. It is an asset-based approach, seeing young people as possibilities for investment rather than ‘problems’ to be solved. 

“Our research with the University of Cumbria proves that an asset-based approach provides the best outcomes for young people. Advantaged Thinking builds on young people’s strengths, invests in their talents and aspirations and enables them to take control of their lives, shape their own futures and create their own narratives.” (Joel Lewis, Executive Direction, Foyer Federation)

This online talk will include:

  • What is Advantaged Thinking as opposed to Disadvantaged Thinking?
  • Understand and explore the vision, values and impact of Advantaged Thinking
  • Understand and explore the 7 Tests of Advantaged Thinking
  • How can you apply Advantaged Thinking principles to your role and organisation?

Audience: This webinar is aimed at professionals and volunteers from all sectors who are interested in learning more about strength- or asset- based approaches.

Please note that it is PDU policy that people with lived experience are invited to participate in our events.
Attendance to this event is free of charge, but advance booking is essential. The session will take place over MS Teams. 

20th January, 2021 10:30 AM through 11:30 AM
PDU Online webinar
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