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Youth Endowment Fund opens new COVID-19 grant

The Youth Endowment Fund has announced that it will commit up to £6.5 million in new grants to find the best ways to reach 'increasingly invisible' vulnerable young people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Half of the total funding available is being reserved for charities and social enterprises to help bolster the voluntary sector as it deals with the financial strains of the pandemic.

Jon Yates, Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund, said, "Large numbers of young people in England and Wales are vulnerable and need regular support and protection. These children have not gone away while we fight COVID-19, but they have become increasingly invisible. This money will help find the very best ways to reach and protect these children, be that online, in their community or back in the classroom."

Organisations working with young people, aged 10-14, at risk of youth violence in England and Wales are invited to apply for funding of £25,000 and over. Activities that will be funded include the delivery of digital and virtual programmes, face-to-face work in schools, including activities to help vulnerable young people return to school, and detached youth work.

Applications for the Youth Endowment Fund's COVID-19 grant round will close at 12 noon on Wednesday 3 June 2020.

To find out more and apply, click here.


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Date Posted: 
Monday, 11 May, 2020

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