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Nottingham Safeguarding Trainers Paul Langley & Celina Adams

Nottingham safeguarding training - what you need to know

Safeguarding and protecting people from harm goes beyond simply implementing policies and processes. Safeguarding responsibilities should be a governance priority for all charities, groups and organisations. This includes people who benefit from your charity’s work, staff, volunteers, and any other people who may come into contact with your charity. Up to date safeguarding training is also often a fundamental requirement of funders.

NCVS offers affordable training in order to provide a sound introduction to safeguarding responsibilities for volunteers, paid staff, Trustees or Designated Leads. By building up this knowledge, the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector can develop and strengthen organisational cultures that prioritise people’s safety. All charities, groups and organisations should regularly review and update their safeguarding measures and procedures. Charity Trustees need to act as part of this process by scrutinising policies and procedures and asking relevant questions to make sure their organisation is following best practices.

The NCVS programme of safeguarding training covers which individuals are at risk of harm or are particularly vulnerable, and how to distinguish those who may be at an increased risk of abuse or neglect. Our training develops an organisation's or charity’s ability to communicate effectively with their vulnerable groups about their needs and wellbeing and will increase confidence when making decisions relating to the care of a vulnerable child or adult.

Nottingham Safeguarding Trainer Paul Langley to step down

Going forward, the NCVS safeguarding training programme will be delivered by Celina Adams, Head of Support Services and Designated Safeguarding Lead for NCVS. Celina is taking over the reins from Independent Safeguarding Trainer Paul Langley, who is stepping down in order to retire.

Paul has an extensive career background in safeguarding in Nottingham, spanning nearly 30 years. He has been delivering safeguarding training for NCVS for five years and previously liaised with NCVS in his role as Safeguarding Children & Adult Training Officer for the Nottingham City Safeguarding Partnership. He also established the Designated Safeguarding Lead Forum and was Co-Chair of the forum until the end of 2020. Furthermore, his career background includes youth and community work and working as a Safeguarding Children Training Officer for the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board.

Paul said, “Safeguarding training is essential to the VCSE sector in order to fulfil legal and statutory responsibilities, but perhaps more importantly because our staff and volunteers are the eyes and ears of our communities, and so are the people that may identify when a child or adult is at risk of harm and can therefore raise that concern, making it possible for them to be protected. Training should be updated every three years to ensure that the awareness of staff and volunteers is refreshed and updated.

"It has been a very real privilege to be able to support the voluntary sector in this way over the last few years. Having worked within the sector in the past, and in partnership throughout my career, I understand the important role that staff and volunteers in the sector play in serving the local community, especially as local authority resources have dwindled. It has also been great to come across many people that I have worked with and/or trained over my nearly 30 years of working in Nottingham during this time. I am delighted that Celina is able to keep the courses that we have developed over the last five years going, and wish her every success."

Celina, who has been attending safeguarding training delivered by Paul for nearly 30 years, said, “I am delighted to be picking up the reins from Paul and in doing so, ensuring that we can continue to offer vital safeguarding training at an affordable cost to Nottingham’s VCSE sector.”

Find out more about our range of safeguarding training courses

All of our safeguarding training is endorsed either by the Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Board or by the Nottingham City Safeguarding Adult Board. You will receive a certificate of participation once you have completed the training.

All training takes place online. Our wide range of safeguarding training opportunities can be viewed on the training page of our website.

If you wish to discuss possible bespoke safeguarding training for your organisation, please email celinaa@nottinghamcvs.co.uk.


Date Posted: 
Tuesday, 12 January, 2021

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