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Financial impact of COVID-19 on charities

NCVO is calling on charities to come forward and share details of the direct financial impact that COVID-19 (coronavirus) is having on your organisation, so that they can share this with the government.

The request was made on NCVO's Twitter page last week, and yesterday the organisation sent out a mailing to its members with further requests about this issue. The aim is that by highlighting the financial issues charities are facing, the government will respond by setting up a package of financial support.

Karl Wilding, Chief Executive, said, "While in the chancellor's announcement about salaries on Friday it was positive to hear him talk proactively about charities for the first time, and while his announcement will be very reassuring for many people, it won't actually help many charities. Some are making decisions about redundancies and closure right now.
"Supporting the national response and helping vulnerable people to cope are your first priority at the moment, but you cannot do that if you are on the brink of financial collapse. A pub or bar can their shut their doors, mothball the kegs and the government will pay your wages. So it doesn't matter if you have no bar takings. But many charities need to continue caring for those in need and delivering vital public services, they cannot shut their doors and lay off staff. Now more than ever they must support people in need."

NCVO is asking charities to respond in four ways:

  • Emailing them, at tell@ncvo.org.uk, with details of your charity's financial situation
  • Sharing their tweet
  • Sharing your charity's story on social media using the hashtag #EveryDayCounts
  • Asking your local MP for support.


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Date Posted: 
Tuesday, 24 March, 2020

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