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Join us for a free online event exploring key learning on supporting people facing multiple disadvantage effectively through prison release.


Evidence suggests that a large number of people in prison face multiple disadvantage. Their experience of the criminal justice system is often marked by a recurring series of short sentences. On release, they are faced with a long and at times impossible to meet list of appointments and tasks to secure accommodation, benefits and medication. As a result, people are still leaving prison without a suitable or safe place to live and with limited opportunities for rehabilitation. 

This event will reflect on how the process of prison release can be improved to give the best chance for people experiencing multiple disadvantage to effectively transition and re-settle into the community. This will include:

  • A presentation by CFE Research of the findings from their recent Fulfilling Lives national evaluation report: “Improving service transitions for people experiencing multiple disadvantage: Prison release”;
  • Local insights from Opportunity Nottingham, a specialist multiple disadvantage service, including hearing from people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage

Audience: This webinar is aimed at professionals and volunteers from all sectors who support people facing multiple disadvantage with experience of the prison system. It may be of particular interest for those working in the criminal justice sector.

Please note that it is PDU policy that people with lived experience are invited to participate in our events.

Attendance to this event is free of charge, but advance booking is essential. The session will take place over Zoom. Please make sure you can access this software before booking.

21st September, 2021 10:00 AM through 11:30 AM
PDU Online webinar
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