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Nottingham Community and Voluntary Service has a rich history. What is now NCVS began life as the Nottingham Society for Organising Charity in 1875.

We are proud of our heritage and have celebrated our history through a number of significant projects, made possible through the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Heritage projects

  • Take a look at our 40 Years of Volunteering project
    Completed in 2018, and looking at the years 1977-2017, this project captured the stories of Nottingham people who have been volunteers in the 40 years since Nottingham’s Volunteer Centre was set up within NCVS.
  • Explore the findings from our Problem of the Poor project
    Funded as part of our 140 years celebration in 2015, this volunteer heritage project examined people in need who lived in Victorian Nottingham 1875-1901, recorded through their encounters with the Nottingham Society for Organising Charity.


Significant events

Minutes from the first meeting on 21 December 1875

2017 - Celebrated 40 years of the Volunteer Centre

2015 - Celebrated our 140 year anniversary

1999 - Moved into Nottingham Voluntary Action Centre, 7 Mansfield Road

1985 - NCVS got its first computer

1977 - Nottingham's Volunteer Bureau was set up within NCVS, at 33 Mansfield Road

1945 - Published a "Voluntary and Social Services in Nottingham" handbook

1943 - Renamed Nottingham Council of Social Service

1942 - Old People's Welfare Committee created

1920 - Renamed Nottingham Social Service and Charity Organisation Society

1904 - Renamed the Charity Organisation Society, with offices at 14 Broad Street

1875 - Nottingham Society for Organising Charity was founded