Nottingham Trams Limited – operators of the NET system – are delighted to be partners for the ‘Community Stars’ programme


We encourage our staff to ‘Think Like a Passenger’ and our engagement with the people whose lives we affect is important to us.  We believe it is vital to play our part in both developing our local communities and maintaining standards of well-being.  As a company, we want to improve our links to local groups and people, helping them to understand more about our work and how to help keep our tram system a source of pride for Nottingham.


As part of this programme, we are looking forward to hearing about the many volunteers who are doing extraordinary things within our communities, so they can be given the recognition they deserve.


During 2016 we have held over 20 community engagement events, including several ‘Meet the Manager’ days where members of our management team answer customer questions and find out more about issues which are important to them.  We regularly accommodate organised visits to our Wilkinson Street depot - usually mixed with an agenda of fundraising for charity. We also send specialist staff into schools to deliver tramway safety messages to children of all ages and we attend many local community events.

Our aim for 2017 is to draw together a more focussed strategy for community engagement, one that features formal agreements to support local groups or organisations in ways that match our own business aims – such as improving our workforce diversity, tackling vandalism and hate crime, encouraging minority groups to feel more confident using the tram.  We have a very limited budget so we will need to be resourceful and imaginative in finding ways to interact and deploy our existing resources.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach also covers the protection of the environment and ensuring we operate ethical business practices. Last December, we secured external recognition for our environmental policy and management systems from the British Standards Institute and we are now further developing our monitoring and review systems to ensure our energy and water consumption is minimised and our waste production is reduced or recycled wherever possible.


NTL have adopted a compliance programme known as ‘Konformité’ from our parent company, to ensure respect of free and fair business competition, a strict ban on all forms of fraud, and full compliance with Data Protection requirements.


At Nottingham Trams Ltd, we have been serving the transport needs of Nottingham for almost five years since taking over NET operations at the end of 2011.  As part of the international Keolis Group maintaining Our Values helps us to work safely, sustainably and with the communities we operate in:

• We Imagine

• We Care

• We Commit



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