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Consultations are divided into local and national, and listed in order of deadline (where stated), to help you prioritise responses.


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Local consultations

Public confidence of people with mental health concerns in the Police Complaints System


Deadline for responses: originally Sunday 11 March 2018, although the survey is likely to remain open for a longer period to encourage more responses.


The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) have asked an independent research evaluation team at the Institute of Mental Health Nottingham to do a research project about how easy or hard it is to complain about the police, and how to make the system better for those who have experienced a mental health problem.


This survey is for adults who have mental health problems now, or who have had mental health problems in the past. You do not need to have had any contact with the police; anyone can take part. Your feedback will help to improve the service. Your views and opinions will remain confidential.


Click here to complete the online survey.




Can you help with Safeguarding Adults research?


Deadline: views are being collected until the end of April 2018


Healthwatch are currently working with the Safeguarding Adults Boards in Nottingham city and Nottinghamshire county to seek views on how well people currently understand issues around abuse. Views will be gathered through personal interviews.


Healthwatch want as many people as possible to be able to contribute so that their report can reflect the views and experiences of those across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. This will help inform the Safeguarding Boards’ future work to protect vulnerable adults.


Does your group have a meeting you could invite Healthwatch to, or a space you could offer for Healthwatch to speak with people? Data collected from this survey will be shared with the two Safeguarding Boards. However, no personal details will be shared.


If you are part of a group that would be able to help, please contact Healthwatch on 0115 956 5313 or email




What do LGBTQ+ groups want in Nottingham?


NCVS is seeking conversations with groups providing activities, services and support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. Through the Communities of Identity: Gender and Sexuality Grant Programme (COI), we're doing some initial scoping work to find out the kinds of support that LGBTQ+ groups in Nottingham would like.


We want to hear from as many groups as possible. If your group exists primarily for LGBTQ+ communities, or any part of LGBTQ+ communities, is member/user-led, and open to new people joining from your intended audience, we invite you to tell us what would help you.


The benefits for you could be:


  • Help with funding applications and running costs
  • Access to suitable venues
  • Training and skills-building
  • Better knowledge of other groups you can join, as well as identifying gaps
  • Potential collaborative-working


We also invite you take part in networking and discussions with other LGBTQ+ groups in Nottingham, if you would like to.


NCVS is facilitating this work with a neutral agenda to ensure any LGBTQ+ groups who choose to get involved may do so. Any outcomes will be decided by your conversations with us and with each other.


Please download this flyer (pdf) for further details, and please help to circulate.




Homelessness, Mental Health and Wellbeing in Nottingham City research project


The overall aim of this project is to explore and understand the mental health needs of Nottingham City's homeless population to inform Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group's (NCCCG) efforts to work with local partners to better meet these needs.


The study is being undertaken by a research team at the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, based at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), as part of a wider study funded by Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group and Nottingham City Council.


Research is being conducted by Dr Kesia Reeve and Dr Sadie Parr.


To help the research team understand the needs and experiences of homeless people with mental health needs they would like to talk with representatives from a range of organisations and services. Are you willing to take part in an interview, either over the telephone or face-to-face, to discuss your views? The interview will take about 30 minutes and can be arranged at your convenience.


Questions will be around the following broad areas:


  • The services available for homeless people with mental health needs in Nottingham.
  • Barriers faced by homeless people in accessing services, treatment and accommodation.
  • Challenges faced by professionals providing services.
  • The nature and extent of inter-agency working.
  • What is working well and where could improvements be made.


All information will be treated confidentially. Individuals and organisations will not be named in research reports. The research has received university ethical approval and the research team will ensure that it meets your own ethical and procedural standards.


Please contact Dr Kesia Reeve (Project Director) on 0114 225 4519 / or Dr Sadie Parr on 0114 225 2904 /




SEA and Dual Diagnosis Forum Welfare Reform and Benefit Survey 2017


The Dual Diagnosis Forum and SEA (Services for Empowerment and Advocacy) are collecting anonymous feedback on the effects that welfare and benefits changes have had on people. Please help to promote this survey with your clients and service users where appropriate.


The survey is being carried out by Glen Jarvis, Service User Involvement Officer at the CDP in partnership with Zoe Bendelow at SEA on behalf of the Nottingham Service User Forums.


They are doing this research to show how welfare and benefits changes in the past three years have impacted on people within Nottingham. The report will be publicly launched and shared locally and online with decision makers and those working with vulnerable people to raise issues and effect policy change.


Some facilitated drop-in sessions are being held to assist people to complete the survey. Please consider giving your feedback or encourage service users/clients to do so. All responses will be anonymous.


An online survey is also available.

Click here to answer the online survey.


For more information, please contact Glen Jarvis ( and Zoe Bendelow (





National consultations



Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) is consulting on its future direction and funding


Deadline for responses: Thursday 22 March 2018


HLF supports projects that range from restoring natural landscapes to rescuing neglected buildings: from recording diverse community histories to providing life-changing training.


They now want to know what people think their role, vision and priorities should be as the UK’s biggest funder of heritage during the next five years (2019-2024). This will ensure the most effective use of National Lottery money to support the UK’s heritage.


Read more here and follow this direct link to the consultation survey.




Charities that are connected with non-charitable organisations: maintaining your charity’s separation and independence


Deadline for responses: 5pm Tuesday 15 May 2018


The Charity Commission is seeking feedback on draft guidance for charities that have close relationships with connected non-charitable entities or organisations.


Charities can work with other charitable and non-charitable organisations to further their purposes and make a difference for their beneficiaries. Setting up or maintaining a close relationship with a connected non-charitable organisation can provide benefits to charities, but it can also expose charities to additional and sometimes significant risks.


The Commission has prepared draft guidance to help trustees understand the risks and challenges and welcomes feedback in this consultation on how to improve the usability and effectiveness of this draft.


Click here for more information




Big Lottery Refund - has your group lost out?


The Directory of Social Change (DSC) is reminding us all that the Olympic Stadium and other facilities were part paid for by a 'loan' from the lottery that has not been paid back. DSC has called for the £425million borrowed from the Big Lottery Fund to be repaid immediately.


DSC has been running this campaign for several years, and is now stepping up the profile. They are keen to hear from local groups who have lost lottery funding and who this refund could help.


The campaign identifies how much has been taken away from local charities, stating that £425m would have:


  • funded at least 10,000 charities
  • enabled the formation of approximately 1,300 new charities
  • enabled approximately 4,000 charities to continue operating
  • helped over 8 million people


Also that:


  • Nearly 80% of the £425m would have been awarded to small and micro organisations (income less than £10,000 a year), in the form of small grants
  • £425m works out to approximately £650,000 foregone from every MP’s constituency in the country.


If you have something to say about this, go to the Big Lottery Refund website and find out how you can help. You can also email




Government consultation on new Civil Society Strategy


Deadline for responses: 9am Tuesday 22 May 2018


Tracey Crouch, the minister for civil society, announced last year that there would be a new civil society strategy. Consultation on the strategy is now open.

Have your say on how government can work with and for civil society to tackle challenges and unlock opportunities to build a stronger society now and in the future.


The consultation has been split into four areas. Not everyone has to respond to all sections.


  • Our civil society: is about the big questions of what civil society is, how it is working well and what needs to change to strengthen it further
  • People: explores how more people could take action on issues that matter to them
  • Partnership: explores the best ways to work across different sectors to make a better society
  • Places: explores how we empower local people to improve the places they live and work



The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has said it will also hold events around the country where people will be invited to talk about civil society.


Click here for more information




Independent Inquiry into the future of Civil Society


An independent inquiry into the future of civil society in England was launched at the NCVO Conference on 20 April 2017. This is being chaired by Julia Unwin, and aims to give the sector the tools it needs to address and find solutions to challenges facing society.


Over the next two years the inquiry will explore how the sector can adapt to the changing political and economic landscape, as well as how it can shape the future, so there will be a number of opportunities to get involved.


See the Civil Society Futures website for more information.




Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) Truth Project


The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was set up to look at the ways in which organisations in England and Wales have failed to protect children from sexual abuse and make recommendations to better protect children in the future.


The IICSA wants to hear from you if:


  • you were sexually abused as a child and
  • you were let down by an organisation that should have protected you.


You can share your views and experiences in a supportive and confidential setting through the Truth Project. You will be listened to with compassion and won't be judged. Your name will not be published or made public. You will be provided with support while you engage with the Truth Project.


To find out more or share your experiences:




What would you like explained about the health and social care system?


The King's Fund is currently seeking ideas on what you'd most like to see explained about the health and social care system. The King's Fund already produces a range of articles, briefings/short reports, explainers, short videos, animations, infographics and other content to explain how the health and care system works.


Have your say on priorities using the short survey here, or tweet using #kfexplain.


You can find existing explainer resources here.




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